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Boathouse Row Melbourne


The Australian Henley Regatta is raced over 1600 metres on the Upper Yarra course across two lanes; so, in effect all events are conducted in a traditional “match” racing form.  This mirrors the “one-on one” racing as conducted at the Henley Royal Regatta in England.


Racing is over 800 meters and 1600 meters. For the 1600 meter course the start line is about 100 metres upriver of Punt Road. Remember Punt Road didn’t exist back when the Australian Henley Regatta commenced…..  The finish line is at the Judges Box some 400 meters downriver of Swan Street Bridge (the most recent construction on the course).

The two lanes on the Upper Yarra course that are used for the contemporary running of the Australian Henley Regatta are the Centre and South (South Yarra side) Stations.


In the following table are some pointers, some the extremely obvious, and some derived from a knowledge of the major landmarks to navigate, i.e. bridges, the nature of the ebb and flow of the Yarra River and, arguably, most importantly, the profile of the underwater structure of the Yarra River bed.  All of this needs to be considered by scullers, crews and coxswains as they race, hopefully efficiently and, as directly as possible, all other things taken on board, in either Centre or South Stations in their quest for success!

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