All regatta attendees must register their attendance at each regatta via QR code either prior or upon entry

    • The QR code is available in the documents section at the bottom of the page and on posters throughout the regatta venue.

    • Please note that each regatta will have its own QR code and you must use the relevant QR code for the regatta you are attending.



Attendee COVID-19 regatta checklist

  • Do not attend regattas if:
       o You are unwell or show any COVID-19 symptoms.
       o You have recently visited a COVID hot spot
       o You are required to self-isolate.


  • Social distancing

    • Keep 1.5m distance from others at all time where possible.

    • Density limits of 1 person per 2 square metres under marquees will be enforced and monitored by the Regatta COVID Marshalls. If you are unable to provide sufficient marquee space for all of your participants please ensure that those who are not undercover take appropriate sun safe measures.


  • All attendees must have a mask with them which are to be worn when indoors.


  • All attending Clubs/Schools must bring with them a COVID-19 Hygiene station including the following items.

    • Hand sanitiser

    • A water bucket with a disinfectant solution to clean oar handles and shared equipment.


  • All attendees to limit movement around the regatta venue.

    • Do not mingle with other Clubs/Schools

    • Do not gather around communal areas such as catering and toilets


  • If attendees exhibit symptoms at the regatta

    • Wear a mask

    • Avoid close contact with all other attendees

    • Immediately notify the Regatta Secretary, even if you intend to leave the venue

    • If possible, leave the regatta venue by private transport

      • If not possible an isolation station will be available and the regatta secretary will be able to direct you to its location.